Wilkinson Center Expands Adult Education Program

Putting More People on the Path to Self-Sufficiency

Sara, like one out of every four Dallas County adults, lacks a high school diploma. She also speaks very little English. No matter how hard she works, she lacks the skills for a job that provides enough income to put food on the table and pay for a safe home for her children.

There are 3.8 million Texans who, like Sara, need education services, but only 100,000 are served statewide. Thanks to your support, Wilkinson Center has doubled the size of its adult education program to put working-poor families on the path to self-sufficiency.

More than half of Wilkinson Center students take classes at our new Arcadia Park Annex location in Southwest Dallas. Hundreds of students fill Wilkinson Center classrooms morning, noon and night to learn English, work on High School Equivalency diplomas and gain computer skills. And, students take community college classes on site, including a BOSS certification course to prepare for business and administrative jobs. Equipped with these skills, students can transition to college-level courses, employment and jobs that improve their standard of living.

Why Adult Education at Wilkinson Center Works

We all understand wanting to care for one’s family and striving to get ahead in life. Maybe you’ve even gone back to school to build skills for a better job.

But, imagine if you can’t get to class because you can’t pay the bus fare or a babysitter to watch your kids. Or worse, you can’t concentrate on your studies because you haven’t had a full meal today or are worried about being behind on the rent again.

These are the realities that thousands of Dallas County working poor families live with every day. To successfully address our city’s over-whelming poverty issues, we must address the many barriers that stop people from achieving long-term success.

That’s why, at Wilkinson Center, we use the Working Families Success Model – a proven approach of bundling services essential to achieve and sustain financial and career goals.

“The goal is to help families not only achieve stability but to ultimately thrive financially. Financially stable families invest in our communities, building a strong future for all.”
– Wende Burton, Communities Foundation of Texas