Stock Up For Summer

2019 Stock Up for Summer Campaign


Campaign has ended surpassing our goals! Thanks to all partners who helped make this possible!


Each year, Wilkinson Center’s Food Pantry experiences a decrease in donations and volunteers during the Summer months. This makes sense—volunteers and corporate partners are on vacation, schools are on break, and people slow down after busy holiday and tax seasons. But with children out of school and other organizations taking Summer breaks, the need at the Food Pantry only grows.
  • Volunteer numbers drop by 33% during the Summer
  • Wilkinson Center’s food acquisition expenses increase 15% in the Summer with a decrease of in-kind food donations
  • Utility expenses to operate the Food Pantry during the Summer months can increase as much as 40% over other seasons


Wilkinson Center is committed to meeting this need. In an effort to prepare to serve the hungry during the Summer months, we are going to Stock Up for Summer. From March 11th through July 31st, here is how you can help!


Goal: 10,000 pounds

  • Most needed items: cereal, canned fruit, spaghetti noodles, macaroni and cheese, jelly, canned soup
  • Conduct a food drive and be a Food Pantry Champion
  • Assemble kits for our clients (hygiene, snack packs, etc.)
  • Conduct a drive to collect infant items (diapers, formula, etc.)
  • Create a competition among departments, locations, or schools
  • Ask a company to match your gift
  • Wilkinson Center serves each family with 40-60 pounds of food per month, based on family size


Goal: $5,000

  • Donate funds here
  • Collect monetary donations during Vacation Bible School, team meetings, etc.
  • Ask your company to match your gift
  • $50 provides food for a week for a family of 5


Goal: 250 Hours

  • Volunteer during one of our Pack the Pantry days: Sign up here
  • Schedule your own volunteer days (up to 8 people at a time)
  • During one volunteer shift, between 50 and 75 families will be served

Ready to get started?


Laura Ingrim 972-284-0305

Bob Munro 972-284-0301