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From Help to Hope
Together, we can serve our community.

During these unprecedented times, our families have been hit hard – job losses, food shortage, sickness, and the loss of educational opportunities.
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Our families come to Wilkinson Center dispirited and in crisis mode, seeking assistance with food, rent, utilities, transportation, and more. Many come to us looking for hope. Our Food Pantry, the hub for our services, is located in southeast Dallas, an area that is a food desert. We continue to experience high demand at our Food Pantry. Seniors, who are most at risk, are homebound and unable to travel to the pantry for food. Adult education students, who are working hard to establish a brighter future for themselves are shut out of their classrooms.

We quickly adapted to the situation to remain open on the frontlines and continuing services to our families.
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Food Pantry: We continue to feed our clients by offering home delivery to seniors and curbside pick-up for clients who are able to visit the pantry.
Supplies: The purchase of supplies (bags, boxes, tapes, gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, etc.) to implement the new food provisioning process and ensure safety.
Living Expenses: Provides financial assistance for basic living expenses to include transportation passes, childcare, rent, utilities, and more.
Remote Solutions: Provides software, licenses, laptops, and equipment to students and teachers so they can continue their studies offsite.
Staff Salaries: Ensured all staff is paid. We have adopted an “all hands on deck” approach to meet the increased demand of our programs. Senior management, teachers and staff members are all pitching in to provide services for our clients.

Now more than ever your giving matters and can make a tremendous difference in the lives of so many. Please join us in our plan to help Dallas’ most vulnerable residents stay afloat during and after the crisis.
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Your financial gift can help provide food to families who are in financial distress due to loss of work and for specialty food bags for homeless people. It can help provide for food deliveries to Seniors who are shut in. For our students and teachers, it can help provide licenses, software, laptops, and equipment so they can continue their education through virtual or distance learning. As well as ensuring our staff members are paid.

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Goal: $50,000

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Be a Hero $5,000

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Be a Warrior $2,500

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Other Donations

are available & no gift is too small!

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Wilkinson Center is grateful for our generous Supporters that have contributed to our relief efforts. Our mission – to transform the lives of Dallas families by providing pathways to self-sufficiency with dignity and respect – is made possible by your generosity. We could have not done it without you.

Gifts beginning March 16, 2020

Champion Supporters

Atomic Auto Crashers, Inc.
Bank of America
Nancy Ann Hunt
Liberty Mutual
Orix Foundation
The Rees-Jones Foundation
United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

Hero Supporters

Jill and Jim Cochran
Robyn Conlon
Hannah Cutshall
Peggy Dear
Hillcrest Foundation
Leah and Rick Margerison
Billie and Gillis Thomas Foundation
Scot White

Warrior Supporters

Atmos Energy
Pat Felter
Caroline Harrison
Junior League of Dallas
Sandy Nachman
Rosewood Corporation
Texas Methodist Foundation
Wilshire Baptist Church

Hope Supporters

Marianne Wisner

Dignity Supporters

Kim Askew
Louise Griffeth
Craig Innes
Kathy Koons
Teri Korson
Margery Miller
Julie Muhsman
Northwood Woman’s Club
Marian Richmond
Rockwall First United Methodist Church
Elizabeth Sands
Catherine Turner

Respect Supporters

Amy Anderson
Ed Francis
Linda Helton
Shelly Lazo
Erie Nye
Katie Peck
Charles Smith
Dawn Smith

In-kind gifts

American Airlines
Doug Boster Catering
Mary Dorflinger
Emanuel Lutheran Church
Highland Park United Methodist Church
Wanda Kea
Lake Park Estates Neighborhood Association coordinated by Daleen and Bill Maxwell
Gretchen Megowen
Norma’s Café
Preston Hollow Catering
Ridgewood Park United Methodist Church
Laila Kate Rowell Smith
Elizabeth Stephens
University Park United Methodist Church
Wilshire Baptist Church