North Texas Giving Day


Every year, Wilkinson Center serves 2,600 households through our Food Pantry. 798 of those household are headed by Senior citizens. Seniors are an important part of our story as a community and an agency. Their needs may be different, but self-sufficiency and a vital life full of dignity and respect is their wish. Our hope is to not only provide them with food, but also equip them with the resources they need to #thriveafter65. Among other things, they’ve told us they need more information about healthy eating and nutrition, vision care, how to and assistance with home repairs, and help securing food, Medicare benefits, and health insurance. With our partners, we’re piloting a program to address those needs with our Seniors. Please consider supporting our Seniors with a gift that will provide them with nutritious, healthy food and programming that meets the unique needs during this time of their lives.