Year End Campaign


As I reflect on this past year, I am mindful that we’ve traveled alongside our clients through an ongoing pandemic – from a breaking point to a turning point. This moment of crisis created an opportunity for Wilkinson Center to build upon our legacy of service, with new eyes to innovate and provide thoughtful ways to support our community. While our staff was focused on responding swiftly to the immediate challenges, we also kept hold of our vision for the road ahead. This resiliency is why we at Wilkinson Center are optimistic about the future. We are On The Move with greater determination than ever: providing families with pathways forward to self-sufficiency.

In the depths of the pandemic, Wilkinson Center’s Food Pantry never closed. In order to continue providing food to our clients, we pivoted to a curbside delivery system. Staff and volunteers packed boxes of non-perishable foods such as pasta, canned beans and vegetables along with boxes of perishable food including dairy products, meat and eggs for each family. With health and safety in mind, food boxes were efficiently delivered to vehicles without clients ever stepping foot inside the Pantry. Knowing our senior population was at higher risk, we adapted a food delivery program to deliver this vital service to their doorstep. Regular donation drives for back-to-school, turkeys at Thanksgiving, and holiday toys also utilized the curbside delivery method. In order to keep students in class, we supplied computers, tablets, hot spots, and implemented virtual classes for adult learners.

As we celebrate our accomplishments, we are also humbled by the hardships of the past year. We are truly grateful for your participation, presence, and contributions that make this impact possible. Next year, Wilkinson Center will enter its 40th year of service to our community. Your support has empowered us to get this far, enabling Wilkinson Center to become an agent of real change in the community. With your continued investment, our pathway forward is bright. This is an exciting time to be part of Wilkinson Center. We are On the Move!

In gratitude,
Anne S. Reeder
Executive Director



40th Anniversary

Year-End Giving Campaign

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Income Support for 10 Job Training Students $5,000

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Christmas Toys for 10 Children $500

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GED Exam for 1 Student $250

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Wilkinson Center is grateful for our generous Supporters that have contributed to our Year End Campaign. At Wilkinson Center, we are committed to building a better future for our clients. That is our everyday mission – to transform the lives of Dallas families by providing pathways out of poverty. Our work is important, but it is not easy. We could never do it without the inspiration we draw from clients and without your generous support.

On The Move

Year-End Giving Campaign Supporters

Jeanne Athos-Adler and Michael Adler
Jane Admire
Lannie Arant
Patti Arvin
Dave Ayres
Elisabeth and Bill Ballinger
Katy Barker
Louise and Harry Bartley
Ann Bentley
Rachael Berhe
Mary Bevil
Nancy and Robert Bowen
Nancy and John Breitfeller
Timothy Bryant
Charles Burton
Tallie and Robert Bush
Christine Carry
Eileen and Mark Cason
Guy Chet
Dr. Jean Conway
Chela and Michael Cooley
Yvonne and Richard D. Cox
Hannah Davis Cutshall
Dauphin Ducayet
David Duncan
Edgar Dunn
Ruth Ann and Mark Dunn
Julia Elkins
Cheryl and Lynn Eskridge
Cindy and Charles Estee
Betty and Winston Evans
Nancy and Tom Fomby
Christine and John Forrest
Mark and Angela Frederiksen
Read and Seven Gendler
Dare and Dale Gillette
Brittany and Thomas Glendenning
Josie Glenn
Lynne and Gil Glover
Prissy Gravely
Lynn and O’Neal Gray
Dianne and William Green
Dean Hamilton
Susan and George Hardie
Jeff Hilliard
May Holloway
Ann and Frank Houseman
Margaret and Doug Hunt
Mary Anne and Jim Ingram
Laura Ingrim
Lynn Romejko Jacobs
Rita and Jeff Johnston
Martha and Danny Judkins
Pam Karlos
Patricia and Louis Kemp
Luyi Khasi
James Kille
Carole and Jack Kinnebrew
Kathy and John Koons
Laurie and Terry Latson
Paul Lenau
Linda and Mark Lewis
Keith Loeb
George Longino
Rebecca Mills Luff
Nancy and Bob Luxen
Rev. Katherine Lyle
Leslie and David Marcus
Nancy Marcus

Karan and Ben Marshall
Rebecca Martin
Richard Martin
Tricia McQuinn
Sue Melton
Jennifer Mertz
Ariel Miller
Carolyn and David Miller
Laura and James Miller
Pat Morris
Kathryn Murgas
Alice Murray
Susan and Andy Nace
Sandy Nachman
Rachel and Nathan Nash
Carolyn Newham
Charlotte and Alan Noel
Melinda and Pat O’Neal
Sue and Tom Odeski
Kyle Okita
Margaret and Casey Olson
Randall Patterson
Vicki C. Patterson
Nancy Perot
Nelda Cain Pickens
Jane and Charles Pierce
Nancy Pierce
Judy and Jerry Pinkerton
Terri and Chester Plauche
Dr. Jane Porter
Max Post
Caren Prothro
Barbara Rader
Barbara and Doug Ralston
Barbara Ralston
Mark Romack
Leslie Russell
Cynthia Sample
Joey Sampson
Carla Sayklay
Elisabeth Seibold
Atul Sethi
Leigh Shirley
Joyce Shoop
Alice Smith
Dawn Smith
Ronald Smith
Marianne Sondak
Richard L. Stanford
Lana and Robert Stripling
J. Bryan Sutherlin
Donna and Wayne Tenney
Mary Elizabeth Tomlin
Alison and Thomas Weinberg
Joey Whaley
Frederick J. Duffy, M.D. and Wendy Whittington, M.D.
Karen Wiley
Jason Wilkinson
Pamela Hull Wilson
Jim Yeager
Meridith and Jeremy Zidell
Victoria Zudak

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