Year End Campaign


As I reflect on this past year, I am mindful that we’ve traveled alongside our clients through an ongoing pandemic – from a breaking point to a turning point. This moment of crisis created an opportunity for Wilkinson Center to build upon our legacy of service, with new eyes to innovate and provide thoughtful ways to support our community. While our staff was focused on responding swiftly to the immediate challenges, we also kept hold of our vision for the road ahead. This resiliency is why we at Wilkinson Center are optimistic about the future. We are On The Move with greater determination than ever: providing families with pathways forward to self-sufficiency.

In the depths of the pandemic, Wilkinson Center’s Food Pantry never closed. In order to continue providing food to our clients, we pivoted to a curbside delivery system. Staff and volunteers packed boxes of non-perishable foods such as pasta, canned beans and vegetables along with boxes of perishable food including dairy products, meat and eggs for each family. With health and safety in mind, food boxes were efficiently delivered to vehicles without clients ever stepping foot inside the Pantry. Knowing our senior population was at higher risk, we adapted a food delivery program to deliver this vital service to their doorstep. Regular donation drives for back-to-school, turkeys at Thanksgiving, and holiday toys also utilized the curbside delivery method. In order to keep students in class, we supplied computers, tablets, hot spots, and implemented virtual classes for adult learners.

As we celebrate our accomplishments, we are also humbled by the hardships of the past year. We are truly grateful for your participation, presence, and contributions that make this impact possible. Next year, Wilkinson Center will enter its 40th year of service to our community. Your support has empowered us to get this far, enabling Wilkinson Center to become an agent of real change in the community. With your continued investment, our pathway forward is bright. This is an exciting time to be part of Wilkinson Center. We are On the Move!

In gratitude,
Anne S. Reeder
Executive Director



Year-End Giving Campaign

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Wilkinson Center is grateful for our generous Supporters that have contributed to our Year End Campaign. At Wilkinson Center, we are committed to building a better future for our clients. That is our everyday mission – to transform the lives of Dallas families by providing pathways to self-sufficiency. Our work is important, but it is not easy. We could never do it without the inspiration we draw from clients and without your generous support.

Year-End Giving Campaign Supporters

Dr. Jane Admire
Lannie Arant
Jeanne Athos-Adler
David Ayres
Pam and Rob Banta
Virginia Bertrand
Gabrielle Brazil
Timothy Bryant
Charles Burton
Tallie and Robert Bush
Carolyn Carter
Cynthia Chiodo
Sharon Clements
Becky and Randy Clontz
Linda Coleman
Van and Jeff Collins
Anne and Terry Conner
Paul Corley
Martin Cox
Melanie and Pat Cowlishaw
Robert Crawford
Hannah Cutshall
David Dawson
Claire Dewar
Robert Dewitt
Leslie Diers
Margaret and David Duncan
Mark Dunn
Edgar L. Dunn
Julia M. Elkins
Cheryl Eskridge
Lisa Farnsworth
Catherine Finn
Nancy and Tom Fomby
Linda and Ed Francis
Angela and Mark Frederiksen
Kay and Duncan Fulton
Read and Steven Gendler
Dale and Dare Gillette
Lynne and Gil Glover
Emily Gould
Lynn Gray
Dianne and William Green
Lin and Emmerich Grunbaum
Sally and Dean Hamilton
Deborah Hawkins
Beth Hays
Linda Helton
Meridith Hiatt
Diane Hite
Walter Hofheinz
Ann and Frank Houseman
Genie and Vernon Howerton
Margaret and Doug Hunt
Lynn Jacobs
Angela Johnson
Susan Johnson
Jessica Kanora
Patricia and Louis Kemp
Rod Kemp
Ms. Linda Coleman and Mr. James Kille
Kay King
Jack Kinnebrew
Diana Kleiner
Kathy Koons
Laurie and Terry Latson
Martin Leister
Lisa and George Longino
Libby Luther
Lyda Hill Philanthropies
Judy and Cameron McMillen
Staci McNicholas
Tricia McQuinn
Julyana Meyer
Samuel M. Mims
Carlin and Charles Morris
Pat Morris
Jenny Mullen
Sandy Nachman
Carolyn Newham
Alan Noel
Elizabeth Norwood
Sherry Perry
Judy and Jerry Pinkerton
Sandra Pomeroy
Dr. Jane W. Porter
Max Post
Michal Powell
George Quesada
Barbara Rader
Barbara Ralston
Michele Ray
Betty Regard
Nate Rehlander
Sharon and Jim Richards
Roger Richards
Carol Riemer
Linda Rios
Charlotte Robinson
Mark Romack
Carla and Richard Sayklay
Mary Anne Ingram and James Schachterle
Jean Bell Scott
Ellen Seldin
Joyce and Neil Shoop
Alice Smith
Dawn Smith
Ronald Smith
Michael Stauber
Laura Steen-Patterson
Sherry and Gary Stevener
Richard Stoddard
Lana and Robert Stripling
C. Albert Tatum III
Nancy Theriot
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Carol and Gary Utkov
Raymond Veselka
Kay and David Walker
Louise Watkins
Linda and Rob Westerberg
Dorothy and Joey Whaley
Karen Wiley
Jason Wilkinson
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Jan and Gerry Worrall
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