Dear Community,

First, I want to say that I hope you and your family are all safe and well.

Here is an update about what is happening at Wilkinson Center:

  • Our Food Pantry is open with regular hours and new social distancing measures. Food boxes are delivered curbside, with clients remaining safely in their cars. We are delighted to work with the Get Shift Done initiative from Communities Foundation, where restaurant workers who have been laid off can get paid to work at non-profits like Wilkinson Center.
  • We will be paying a delivery service for seniors and others who cannot get to the Pantry.
  • We are having a hard time getting essential items. In addition, because many of the smaller church pantries in our nine zip code NTFB service area have closed, we anticipate increased demand.
  • All Adult Education classes are closed. We are actively moving students to distance learning. We have purchased many more remote learning licenses for this purpose and are dedicated to our students’ success.
  • We are paying all our staff regardless of their current job status or current ability to work. Our goal is to enable all staff to work remotely. We have assigned laptops to everyone who did not have one. We had to purchase many more VPN licenses.
  • We have cancelled our Senior Lunch & Learns, Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon, Stock Up for Summer Kick-Off and all other events through April 30th.

How can you help?

Donate from our Amazon Wish List by clicking HERE

Here is an Amazon truck filled with supplies for Wilkinson Center’s Food Pantry!

We would be grateful for a financial gift from you. Your gift will help pay for our remote learning and administrative licenses, Food Pantry initiatives and supplies, senior delivery expenses, staff salaries and other expenses. It could not come at a better time. Please click on the button below to give.


Thanks to everyone who has reached out with gifts and gestures of support at this crazy time.

Wilkinson Center is an essential business to provide food, emergency support and education to the 8,000 Dallas neighbors we serve each year. Those neighbors need us more than ever.

We have been so blessed to have your continued support, generosity, and friendship; it means the world to us. With your help, we will all get through these challenging days together.

All my best,
Anne Reeder
Executive Director