Wenona came to the Wilkinson Center after evacuating New Orleans from Hurricane Gustav. She had worked as an administrative assistant and was confident that her skills and experience would be enough for her to obtain employment in Dallas. She quickly realized it was not enough, and was unable to find work. She came to the food pantry for assistance and was referred to the CareerWorks class.

In CareerWorks, she learned how to market herself with her resume, familiarized herself with the Dallas job market and brushed up on her interview skills. After graduation she landed a temporary assignment. It wasn’t quite what she was looking for, but it gave her an opportunity to return to the workforce. She continued to stay motivated and kept in touch with Wilkinson Center for encouragement. She worked two more temporary jobs until she landed a permanent position.

Wenona is now an administrative assistant in the Department of Outreach and Student Development at Eastfield College. Her goals don’t end there. She was recently accepted in the Potter’s House School of Ministry and will begin in the fall. She also wants to go to college to get a BA degree in Human Resources. Her dream job is to own her own employment agency. Oh, and she is engaged to be married! Her dreams really are coming true and she owes much of it to the Wilkinson Center.