The Hartfield siblings – Johnathan, Jazmine, Johnnie, and Joselyn – came to Wilkinson Center in 2011 to obtain their GEDs. They were homeschooled by their mother until 2006 and enrolled into GED preparation soon after, finding caring and supportive instructors and academic success at Wilkinson Center.

Johnathan will be a sophomore this fall at El Centro College, attending classes full-time and pursuing a degree in Business Management. Joselyn is employed at Stepping Stones, a childcare facility where she has been promoted to lead teacher, while she studies to receive a Child Development Associate degree. Jazmine is also attending El Centro College full-time as a freshman majoring in Architecture. Johnathan and Jazmine’s biggest support has come from their eldest brother, Johnnie. He provides them academic, social, and emotional support on this new journey. Johnnie is continuing to pursue his GED at Wilkinson Center/Eastfield College. He is receiving instruction and extensive tutoring from a Wilkinson Center instructor to improve his GED mathematics score. Johnnie has recently married and is employed full-time.

The Hartfields are very appreciative of the help and support they have received from Wilkinson Center along their journey, and continue to motivate newcomers in the GED program. Wilkinson Center is very proud of this wonderful family. They exemplify hard work, humility, and courage. As long as they have each other and stick to their dreams, we know that they will be a success.