Mr. and Mrs. Becerra came to the Wilkinson Center seeking assistance with food. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Becerra decided on the days was not working or interviewing, he would donate his time to Wilkinson Center. He has now put in over 150 hours of volunteer service.

Mr. Becerra’s family also benefited. The family was adopted through our Angel Tree program, and Mr. Becerra was overjoyed that he could provide gifts to his four daughters because of the Wilkinson Center. Mrs. Becerra attends ESL classes at Titche Elementary. She expressed she liked it and while it seems very difficult for her to learn, she feels it will get easier as she continues. She is very determined to learn so she can help her children in a more efficient manner.

Mr. Becerra has over 25 years experience in tile work, but has been unable to find work. He was struggling to pay his mortgage and provide basic necessities for his family. Wilkinson Center helped with the mortgage payments and Case Manager Miguel Brambila was able to help Mr. Becerra avoid foreclosure and get the mortgage payments reduced.

When Mr. Becerra was asked what the Wilkinson Center has done for his family, he simply said “A lot!”