What a difference two years makes.

Victor, his wife, Jeanne, and their children, Alexia, Victor, Jr., and Isaiah, came to the Wilkinson Center’s Food Pantry. Jeanne was chronically ill, in need of constant care and medication. Victor’s landscaping work did not bring in enough money to cover her medication, the family’s rent, utilities and food. After being evicted, relatives stepped in to help. Relatives took in Jeanne and the children, while Victor lived with a friend.

Returning to the Wilkinson Center, Victor, while hesitant, agreed to meet with Miguel Brambila, a Wilkinson Center case manager. These two soft-spoken young men, both dedicated to providing for their families, formed an instant connection.

Miguel listened to Victor’s story and together, they formulated a plan to utilize Victor’s landscaping talents with the goal of reuniting the family in transitional housing. During the next year, Victor got a job and worked extra hours saving money for an apartment and to buy his own landscaping equipment. The Wilkinson Center supplemented with hygiene kits and food.

That spring, Victor was able to move his family to their own apartment. He came to the Center and proudly handed out flyers announcing his new landscaping business: “Top Solution – There’s No Problem Too Big for Us.” His family is back together, and last month Victor enrolled in the Wilkinson Center’s GED course with the goal of obtaining his diploma and pursuing college.

What a difference a dream, hard work and motivation makes!