Tiffany and Charles Crumbley know first-hand that a job does not necessarily mean making ends meet. When they reached out to Wilkinson Center for rental assistance, Charles was working full-time as a security guard while Tiffany cared for their three children. Even with the rent paid, they could not cover their other expenses.

“I knew we had to show Tiffany and Charles how to approach their situation differently,” said Case Manager Patsy Driggers. With her encouragement, the couple attended our “Budgeting On A Shoe String” class and began looking for transitional housing. “We paid for child care so Tiffany could get a job and they could get on their feet. But, even with the two jobs, they struggled and were eventually evicted from their home.”

After moving to East Texas to live with family, the Crumbleys returned to Dallas and re-connected with Wilkinson Center for assistance, employment services and financial coaching. Now, both Tiffany and Charles are employed, and they have an affordable apartment. While the family still lives day to day, they have a plan and the tools to be independent and to thrive.