Chanelle Derouen came to the Food Pantry for the first time soon after her twins were born. She was totally overwhelmed with caring for them, her one year-old son and her two teenage daughters, with only $100 a month in child support. Her oldest daughter has a severe disability. Wilkinson Center provided her with diapers, which was her greatest need and concern. Based on her situation and information she shared with her case manager, it was suggested that she meet with the volunteer counselor, Laura. Chanelle did visit with Laura a few times, but the counseling sessions were just too painful.

Chanelle has recently returned to the Pantry and her case manager. Her desire is to become more organized, obtain child care for her little ones and be able to work more hours. The Center is helping her apply for other resources, including child care, at this time. She is a work in progress, but she knows that Wilkinson Center is there with help and encouragement.