Alphonso Brooks is a military veteran. He came to Wilkinson Center in 2011 where he attended GED and Computer Technology training courses. After he received his GED in 2013, Wilkinson Center staff helped him plan his next steps. He wanted to receive an HVAC certification. His case manager helped him complete admissions applications, research financial aid, locate books and find additional resources for class.

Mr. Brooks now attends Cedar Valley College full time in Lancaster, Texas and is working on his HVAC certification. He visits Wilkinson Center regularly to thank staff and motivate students. He explains the value in mathematics education as it pertains to certain fields of study. For example, in his HVAC course, there are geometric calculations he must compute in his work. He thought he’d never see the day when he would apply mathematics beyond basic arithmetic routinely at a workplace. The students are inspired by Mr. Brook’s example and words of encouragement. He plans to come back to Wilkinson Center during the summer term to receive some additional math instruction.

Mr. Brooks expresses his appreciation by saying, “I couldn’t have done this without Wilkinson Center. The help they provided allowed me to attend college. They have done more for me than any other agency or organization.” Wilkinson Center continues to be very proud of Mr. Brooks!