Wilkinson Center’s Black And White Gala Fills Dallas Contemporary Galleries For 30th...

NOV 12, 2012 9:30 AM By: Jeanne Prejean Published By: My Sweet Charity

Wilkinson Center Executive Director Anne Reeder claimed that the headcount at the 30th anniversary celebration Black and White Gala for Wilkinson Center was 390 guests Saturday, November 3. No way. It had to be way over that number that filled the Dallas Contemporary’s reception and seated dinner.


Adding an elegant touch to the evening was the request to wear only black and white. Shades of Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball, but no shades of gray here. Of course, one or two had to be rule breakers. In fact, one wore a tomato red dress that would have made Scarlett O’Hara seem plain Jane.

But that’s not to say color was not everywhere. In addition to Dallas Contemporary art hanging around, flashing rings were worn by some guests like City Councilperson Ann and Fred Margolin for the “Heads & Tails” game after dinner for a new iPad.

With James Fabriano providing the music at the reception in one gallery, it wasn’t the only form of entertainment. Artists Breck Woolsey and Monica Taylor were standing over and squatting down on the floor painting a 48″ by 60″ canvas that would be completed and ready for bid at the live auction after dinner along with 10 other items including a rattlesnake hunt.


When it was time for dinner, the lineup in the hallway stretched all the way. But once inside the dining room/gallery, it was well worth the wait with caterer Wendy Krispin scurrying around to make sure all were served including the likes of Jennifer LeBlanc, Beth and Scott Johnson, Sara Bell and David Resnick.


From a neighborhood effort spearheaded by Rev. Clayton Lewis in 1982 to today helping countless numbers of families in nine zip codes in east and southeast Dallas, the Wilkinson Center has come a very long way in its 30 years. Just in the first eight months of 2012, it has “provided food assistance to 6,931 families, including 17,525 children and adult family members.”

Thanks to Event Chair Millie Winston, Honorary Chairs Jill and Jim Cochran and the 390+ at the Black and White Gala, its work and successes continue.