Wilkinson Center Friends Show Can-Do Spirit at Cheery Luncheon Kickoff
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MAR 23, 2014 12:07 PM BY DIANA OATES Published By: Dallas Culture Map

To kick off the second year of its Can Do Luncheon, Friends of Wilkinson Center and their young professional pals welcomed supporters to Tootsies for an evening of celebrating and shopping.

The kickoff was cause enough for a party, but luncheon chair Christie Carter and Wilkinson Center executive director Anne Reeder also presented the Can Do Award to Jan Baldwin, who represented recipient the Women of Saint Michael, and Anne and Terry Conner. The award is given each year to a group or individual who provides the crucial support needed to support the nonprofit’s goal of providing pathways out of poverty.

Guests — including Lynn McBee, Kristi and Terry Dallas, Linda Secrest, Chela Moros, Adrienne O’Connor, Paul Divis, and Mike Lessel — shopped, savored wine and snacks, and congratulated this year’s award winners. Better still, Tootsies donated 10 percent of purchases made that evening to the Wilkinson Center.

Last year, the first Can Do Luncheon raised more than $100,000, and this year’s organizers have set the bar even higher.