Wilkinson Center Young Friend White Party Fundraiser 2015

The annual White Party is hosted by the Young Friends of the Wilkinson Center. Gro Designs and Code Blue Sound & Entertainment transform the venue with flowers, balloons and chic white seating, wowing guests.

Guests are dazzled with delicious bites and drinks, aerial artists, dancing under the stars, and good times and conversation with friends. Last year included bongo drum players and feathered dancers dancing their way through the audience while fireworks, confetti cannons as cryo machines were fired in the background. Throughout the evening a live feed of Tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts were shared by guests using our White party hashtag “#wyfwhiteparty”. Our silent auction showcased 32 packages including items for sports enthusiasts, restaurant connoisseurs and fitness gurus. Over 600 swag bags with a wide variety of items donated by our generous sponsors were handed out to eager party goers.
A unique feature of this event is sponsors’ logos displayed continually on two giant video screens located in a prominent area of the party. Gobos of sponsor’s logos are shown on the sides of some of our city’s most recognizable landmarks, and banners located throughout the venue.

This party receives extensive press coverage and was called the “party of the year” by Culture Map in 2015.

Our Young Friends are a group of dynamic, young millennial business and civic leaders who have dedicated their creativity and resources to making Dallas a prosperous city for all who call it home. These young professionals offer hope and inspiration by committing to building sustainable resources which empower Wilkinson Center clients to become self-sufficient and improve their lives.