2014 Wilkinson Center Can Do Luncheon Client Award Recipient: Alphonso Brooks

Alphonso Brooks is a military veteran. He came to Wilkinson Center in 2011 to obtain his GED and worked hard to receive it by 2013. Mr. Brooks originally began his quest in a Wilkinson Center program at Aberg Center and later transferred to Eastfield College where he attended GED and Computer Technology training courses. Mr. Brooks was a very encouraging presence as a student and graduate, always working alongside his peers to
assist and motivate them.

After receiving his GED, he visited classes to discuss his experience and to inspire others to persist. When he received his GED, we began to collaborate with him in his career planning. He expressed a desire to pursue a degree in Computer Information Technology, in addition to taking an interest in real estate. A case manager at Wilkinson Center helped him complete admissions applications, research financial aid, locate books and find additional resources for class.

Mr. Brooks attends Cedar Valley College full time in Lancaster, Texas. He visits Wilkinson Center one to two times per month to thank staff for the services and assistance he has received. Mr. Brooks stated, “I couldn’t have done this without Wilkinson Center. The help they provided allowed me to attend college. They have done more for me than any other agency
or organization.