The Young Friends Of The Wilkinson Center Were So Cool At The...

JUN 19, 2014 11:30 AM BY JEANNE PREJEAN Published By: My Sweet Charity

Summer isn’t even official and already the humidity is making the temperatures feel like a Tennessee Williams play. This time of year is just plain sweaty. The very idea of a cashmere sweater makes one break out in perspiration.

That’s why the experienced and savvy types recognize the benefits of white clothing. No matter if it’s silk or cotton, white not only feels cooler, it makes complexions look healthier and hair glossier.

How smart The Young Friends of the Wilkinson Center were three years ago to take absolutely full advantage of the color, the time and their cohorts. Thus, they launched The White Party. Sure, there were naysayers who claimed no one was left in Dallas after school was out. And others swore that the “younger generation” wasn’t into supporting an organization like The Wilkinson Center that aids families and individuals with basic human necessities, education and employment.

Ha-ha! How wrong those boo-hoo folks were. The first itty-bitty effort proved to be so successful, it made a repeat performance last year and returned to the multi-terraced garden at Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar on Saturday, May 31, this year with Laura Reeder, Kristen Johnson and Lauren Mason heading up the arrangements.

There was absolutely no truth that you had to be gorgeous to be part of the gathering. They all just happened to be in whiter-than-white sundresses, blouses, shirts, slacks, shorts and shoes. Like who, for instance? Well, how about Tierney Kaufman, Jared Hutchins, Mackenzie Sumrall, Adam Sumrall, Wilson Bethel, Cole Suttle, Clayton Floyd, Sal Jafar, Christina Notzon, Francis Harrison, Caroline Harrison, Hassie Harrison, Joseph Robertson, Julie Robertson, Matthew Prescott, Marvi Juno, Alana Buenrostro, Chelsea Green, Megan Rutherford, Natalie Vesti, Ali Pickens, Tyler Gattis, Rachel Hutchinson, Maggie Vandiver Parks and Angela Inks.

In keeping with the white theme, Gro Designs provided an entry arch of white flowers, and glass lanterns with candles and rows of white balloons overhead.

And speaking of sponsors, along with the growing popularity of The White Party have come more and more sponsors like:

  • Corporate sponsors — Rosewood Corporation, Harwood International, Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar, Reeder Energy, Level Properties, Quantum Holistic Health Center, Herbalife, Prestige Worldwide Investments LLC, Boardwalk Ferrari and Uber
  • Individual sponsors — Adam and McKenzie Sumrall, Laura and Lloyd Pierson, Brad Clark, Eric Rosiak, Russell Lam, OJ DeSouza, Hunter Heres, Scott Quigley, Anish Jain, Horacio Moros and Rachel Rogers Arrieta