Round Robin May 7: Can Do! Patron Reception, Genesis Luncheon Patron Dinner...

MAY 27, 2014 9:30 AM BY JEANNE PREJEAN Published By: My Sweet Charity

Just before thunder, lighting and buckets of rain hit Dallas on Wednesday, May 7, the non-profit swell-egants were in high spirits.

Can Do! Luncheon Patron Party
The Wilkinson Center’s Anne Reeder was thrilled. Her Can Do! Luncheon had its inaugural year in 2013 and had been such a hit that the upcoming May 13th event was within two tables of being sold out. Last year’s luncheon really tested guests with tornado warnings in the area, but still they came, they saw and they had such a great time, they signed up for this year’s event.

The secret to this year’s near sell-out success? Perhaps it was due to the fact the “unsung heroes” like Anne and Terry Conner and the Women of St. Michael were this year’s honorees. Like last year’s awardees — Ellen and John McStay and Highland Park United Methodist Church — this year’s group are well-known for amazing deeds but especially known for flying under the radar. And doesn’t everyone love to celebrate hardworkers, who rarely get appreciated?

And since it was such a beautiful evening, Milagros and Horacio Moros opened the backyard terrace and yard of their Preston Hollow home for Leslie and Bryan Diers, Susan Hardie, Missy Huber, Luncheon Chair Christie Carter and Tiffany and Paul Divis to party with Hunter Sullivan crooning away with his musicians.

Genesis Luncheon Patron Party
Just blocks away on the other side of the Tollway, Nancy and Randy Best hosted a seated dinner for 73 patrons of the 21st Annual Genesis Luncheon. (BTW, Nancy is president of the Genesis Women’s Shelter Board of Trustees.)

Parties at the Best estate are the best, don’t you know! The cocktail reception took place in the entry hall spilling into the living and dining rooms. At one point, a blonde gent appeared at the front door. He was none-other than the guest of honor/luncheon speaker Pat Conroy. Looking more like your best buddy from high school, he quickly was surrounded by new BFF’s and eased into conversation.

But soon it was time for supper. But before settling back in the fabulous dining room with its stage and grand piano, a little exercise was in order. So, guests like Ruth and Ken Altshuler, Marianne and Roger Staubach, Jennifer Staubach Gates and John Gates, Jan and Fred Hegi, Ellen and John McStay, Jan Langbein, Susan Wells Jenevein, Barbara Walker, Leslie McCabe, Sidney Powell, Victor Sperandeo and Di Johnston took the stairs leading to the “best” collection of antiquities. And we’re not talking Marie Antoinette chairs. Each time one gets to visit the upstairs museum, it’s like discovering new OMG treasures that date back to prehistoric man.

Cattle Baron’s Ball Trailblazer Party
Before the sun even tried to set, The Rustic was maxed out with all types of Cattle Baron’s Ball sponsors for the Trailblazer to hearty party.

Sponsored by PlainsCapital, the venue could handle the overflow crowd of 400 thanks to the outdoor picnic tables and party grounds with a wall of lanterns and a stage for Max Stallings and his band.

CBB-er Lisa Ogle admitted their timing was perfect realizing that the next 24 hours of storming weather would have created an entirely different scenario.

As Max sang on stage and soft drinks cozied up to Miller Lites in a canoe filled to the brim with ice, the crowd included Isabell Novakov, Janie and David Condon, Nancy Gopez, Anne and Steve Stodghill, Katherine LaLonde, D’Andra Simmons and Jeremy Lock, Marjon Zabihi Henderson and Gibbs Henderson, Elizabeth and Alex