GROVEL ALERT: The Wilkinson Center’s Can Do! Luncheon

MAY 16, 2013 12:30 PM By: Jeanne Prejean Published By: My Sweet Charity

For a first-time event, this one has become a hit. The Wilkinson Center’s Can Do! Luncheon Tuesday at the Dallas Country Club is within just three tables of scoring a sell-out.

What’s the secret?

Perhaps it’s the honorees — Ellen and John McStay and Highland Park United Methodist Church. They have been marvelous examples of the lunch’s theme “to celebrate entrepreneurship in philanthropy.”

Or maybe it’s the beneficiary — The Wilkinson Center, which since 1982 has been there for so many in need. Since that day when Rev. Clayton Lewis, who was Munger Place United Methodist Church pastor, saw a child digging in a dumpster for food, the Center has been providing food and clothing for countless people. Unfortunately, the need has only grown in recent years because of the recession. The first to be hit by economic turmoil are also the last to recover. During this time the Wilkinson Center’s staff and volunteers have been “providing services throughout nine ZIP codes in east and southeast Dallas including Pleasant Grove.” Since its early days, the Center’s services have also been increased to assist families “to break the cycle” created by poverty.

With reasons like the McStays, HP United Methodist Church and the Wilkinson Center, it’s obvious why this luncheon is nearly a done deal. So, let’s get it done now!